Ezizimeleyo Projects (Pty)Ltd presents Minecrete, Umgodi and other services


Introduction and Aim


MineCrete Costing

Coating Products

Umgodi fix

Lab Results (Asphalt vs Umgodi Fix)

Umgodi Fix Costing


Other Services Rendered

Social Challanges


Introduction and Aim


  • Make a meaningful contribution to the economic, social and environmental development, more in particular to the local municipality of Madibeng, by introducing innovative products that will increase production, safety and reduce costs in Eland
  • To enhance community skills and ultimately create employment


  • MineCrete is a superior shotcrete lining product that will transform support methodology from passive to fast setting active support.
  • MineCrete has been extensively tested at the leading institutes with unprecedented results never to be found before

Brilliant White (Thin Spray Rubber Liner that doubles as a Luminescent coating.)

Minecrete S3 (Proven strongest and safest product on the market

Minecrete Costing

MineCrete S3 is competively priced with aplications in the mining and civil engineering industries.


All types of paint (PVA, Enamel, QD, Epoxy, Spray) in all colours

Chemical resistant attributes as per the client requirement.

Heat resistant attributes as per the client requirement.

Multi Purpose Degreaser


Hand Cleaner

Cable Protection (Fire retardant and mixed to your color requirements)

Umgodi Fix

  • Our aim is to assist in reducing threats posed on motorists in the local municipality of Madibeng, by providing a long term solution to potholes.
  • We also aspire to revitalise rural development programmes to ensure that investments in infrastructure, services and training reach the communities.

Road Pothole Repair Solution

Lab Results (Umgodi vs Asphalt)

  • Samples were exposed to accelerated artificial weathering
  • Wet cycle – 8h exposure to UV cycle at 45°C + 4h condensation cycle at 50°C
  • Dry cycle – Continuous exposure to UV cycle at 45°C. No of hours = total time of UV exposure


The main advantages of a good drainage system are:

  • Effective removal of rainwater out of the road surface and its surroundings;
  • Reduced instances of weakened roadway structures, leading to premature failure of roadways;
  • Helps to maintain healthy water quality in receiving streams; and
  • Reduced Infrastructure costs

Other Services Rendered

  • Mining
  • Reclamation/ rehabilitation
  • Trackless Mobile Machinery
  • Structural Steel
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Environmental
  • Plant Optimisation

Social Challenges

  • Challenges facing our country include:
  • Road safety issues/ deteriorating roads – resulting in accidents/ damaged vehicles
  • More than 700000 accidents occurring annually
  • High unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Deepening inequality
  • Rural marginalisation
  • Unemployment rate in SA = 27.1%
  • Unemployed rate of the youth in SA = 54.7%
  • Unemployment rate in NW = 26.6%

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