Mixing High Performance BarChip Macro Synthetic Fibres:

Polyprop’s UV Stabilised structural reinforcing fibres feature the latest design and manufacturing techniques. BarChip fibre has been engineered to offer superior technical performance while providing excellent concrete workability.

This guide is aimed at shotcrete, concrete and precast practitioners incorporating truck mounted mixers charged with BarChip macro reinforcing fibre.

Option 1 – For 2.5 kg and 5 kg Bags

  1. Ensure truck mixing barrel is clean, free of wash out water and in good serviceable condition.
  2. Determine the number of BarChip bags per batch.
  3. Using an approved platform add BarChip mulchable bags, “Bag and All”, to the empty truck mixer.
  4. Mix for 1 minute with initial mixing water before adding dry materials.
  5. Add dry materials and mix at high speed for minimum of 5 minutes.
  6. Check slump, remix at point of delivery before discharge.

Option 2 – For On-Site mixing of 2.5 kg and 5 kg bags

  1. Determine the number of BarChip bags per batch.
  2. Ensure slump is minimum 120 mm before adding fibres.
  3. Ensure barrel speed is set at maximum revolutions.
  4. Using an approved platform add BarChip mulchable bags “Bag and All” to truck mixing barrel at 10 kg / min.
  5. After loading, mix at high speed for 1 minute per m³ of concrete mix.
  6. Check slump, remix at point of delivery before discharge.

Helpful Hints

BarChip fibres will not ball when mixed correctly and are designed to be added “Bag and All” to the truck mixer before and with initial batch water.

Correct batching and mixing sequence is important to the quality and control of each batch of BarChip concrete. The correct amount of initial water, mixing and the timely addition of fibre is important to achieving best results.

Concrete final slump can be affected depending on fibre dose rate, regular dose rates of 3kg/m³ to 6kg/m³ may reduce slump up to 20mm.

After allowing enough mixing time to obtain a homegenous mix check and adjust slump if necessary.


BarChip is committed to the proper use of its products in the market place. BarChip promotes best practice and environmentally sustainable practices. For further information refer to the BarChip Environmental Management Plan.

Ensure all relevant PPE is used always and act in accordance to key legislative and site requirements.

BarChip UV Stabilised fibres are supplied on durable, recyclable plastic pallets with an enclosed weather proof plastic tarpee for outdoor storage. Individual bags must be kept covered.

For further information please contact your nearest BarChip technical consultant.

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